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June 2024 ■
Words by Eleanor Purvis

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The benefits of living with a pet

Do you own a dog or a cat and looking to rent with your pet? We love pets, and that's why at Morro pets are welcome.

We all know living with a pet can be enriching and rewarding. As well as being a comfort and a reliable companion pets provide a vast array of benefits to our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Did you know that owning a pet can contribute to better heart health? There has been research into how owning a pet can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. Being around animals can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety. The simple act of petting an animal can cause an immediate mood boost. An excellent tonic after a long day at work! Last but not least, having a pet creates a routine and caring for them can provide a great sense of purpose and structure to daily life.

Best dog breeds to have in an apartment

You would think size was the most important factor when it came to choosing a dog breed for apartment living. But often the best apartment dogs are ones that can handle the social dynamic necessary for apartment life. Great apartment dogs are not only perfectly content with moderate exercise, but they’re also people and dog lovers.

  1. King charles spaniel

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    A friendly affectionate breed, that is known as a lap dog. They love being around people, and cuddling up with their owner.

  2. French bull dog

    French Bulldog

    A fun loving go with the flow breed. They don't require much exercise and with a short coat have minimal grooming needs.

  3. Pug


    Small, friendly, sociable and a bundle of laughs. These little characters are a great dog to have in an apartment.

  4. Pomerarian


    Known for being playful and inquisitive these dogs are great companions for apartment living. Due to their size they are great in smaller spaces.

  5. dashund


    These dogs are very pretty, chirpy and playful. They don't require lots of exercise, and love snoozing in the afternoon sun. Regular and mini Dachshunds come in an assortment of colours too.

  6. shih tzu

    Shih Tzu

    Friendly and affectionate dogs, that love to be fussed and play a game of tug of war. They have low exercise needs.

  7. havanese


    These dogs love attention and affection. They love playing and for their mini stature an apartment provides more than enough room! They do need regular grooming to keep their coat in order.

  8. Bichon Frise

    Bichon Frise

    Known as being one of the best dog breeds to have in an apartment. These friendly chaps love a fuss. They are content to run around in compact spaces and won’t feel claustrophobic in a small apartment. Another perk of owning a Bichon Frise is that they are hypoallergenic. So no shedding and constant hoovering!

  9. whippet


    Whippets are a great breed for apartment living because they are relatively low-energy, quiet, gentle, and clean dogs. They are sprinters, not marathoners, so they need a good run around each day, but they are content to relax and lounge around the rest of the time. This makes them a good choice for people who live in apartments and don't have a lot of time to take their dog for long walks or runs. Whippets are also very quiet dogs which is great in communal living environments.

  10. greyhound


    When you think of a dog breed for apartment living, you might not land on a Greyhound. Despite their large frames, these dogs are known for having low energy levels, and being lazy. They love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa. They do need to stretch their legs daily.

Best cat breeds for apartment living

Cats can be great companions when living in an apartment. Regardless of the size of your apartment, cats love light, bright spaces where they can watch the world go by from the comfort of their beds. Some cat breeds are happier indoors than others.

  1. british short tail

    British short hair

    This breed are laid back and known for being calm and easy going. They'll take apartment living in their stride. They are a quieter cat breed, perfect for living in an apartment block. They are very affectionate and love daily playtime with their human.

  2. ragdoll


    Extremely affectionate and friendly, these cats love being cuddled. They are real lap cats and will be content living in an apartment, as long as they can cosy up to their favourite human.

  3. Burmese


    These cats are very playful and affectionate. They enjoy playing with their human. Having short fur means regular grooming isn't necessary.

  4. Russian blue

    Russian Blue

    Calm and reserved, these cats like their own space. They can be left for the day but do still enjoy playtime when you get home. They are the perfect companion for a cosy and calm apartment.

Alternative pets for apartments

You might be looking for a slightly more portable pet than a dog or cat for your apartment. These fun loving animals are just the answer you've been looking for.

  1. rabbit


    Rabbits are super cuddly and quiet pets that can be litter-trained. They enjoy interacting with their owners, and enjoy a hop around the apartment - make sure not to loose them under the sofa!

  2. tropical fish

    Tropical Fish

    Guppies, Neon Tetras and other tropical fish make great pets. They add colour to your space and can live in a small aquarium / tank. They do require regular maintenance and refreshes of water.

  3. gecko


    These pets are small and easy to care for, they don't require much space, but note they are nocturnal.

  4. hamster


    Hamsters are small, sweet and fun to watch play in their wheels. Their cages do need regular cleaning and they are nocturnal, so may be noisy at night.

  5. guinea pig

    Guinea Pig

    Guinea pigs are friendly, sociable low maintenance pets. They love being let out for a run around you apartment. They do require a reasonably large sized cage.

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