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July 2023 ■
Words by Georgie Amos

At Morro, we are life improvers.

At Morro, we are life improvers, not just developers and most certainly, not your average landlord. We do everything ourselves, taking an end-to-end approach in designing, building, and managing our properties ourselves, without outsourcing, ever. This approach is the only way we can ensure that our resident's best interests are kept front and center of what we do, and that our high standards are constantly maintained, which ensures that we create spaces that optimize our residents' lives.

Our four principles drive everything we do...

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    Home of your own.

    From cosy studios to large two bedroom apartments - we have your renting needs covered, so you can build the life you want.

  2. 02

    Home of it's taken care of.

    No need to worry about bills and utilities - we look after all the rubbish stuff about renting for you.

  3. 03

    Home of joyful working.

    Knuckle down to your work in our many co-working spaces, phone boots and bookable meeting rooms.

  4. 04

    Home of new beginings.

    Fresh starts with flexible renting - plus bring your pet!

We live by these principles and they guide us across our departments – from the planning to the development team to marketing, sales, and on-site teams. In a nutshell, we want our residents to feel at home and have a stress free and positive renting experience.

By living according to our principles, we can deliver industry-leading homes for rent. Our residents' feedback on their homes and experiences at Morro speaks volumes about our properties:

“There are so many great things about living here. The location is great for me, I study in Berkley which is really close, My apartment is fully furnished, so I didn’t have to buy anything and the communal areas are amazing and really well maintained. I can be super-efficient when using the co-working space and I love hosting my friends in the shared dining room – the amenities are well used and maintained beautifully! I love it here.” Lisa, The Bon resident.

"It’s hassle-free living. All of our utility bills are included in our rent, barring council tax. The rooms are a decent size, beautifully furnished and great for a single occupant. A housekeeper can be booked with no additional charge every two weeks. There are free pastries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There’s also a social night every Friday evening to meet your neighbours and gain new friends.” Angelo, The Guild resident.

Ways we embody our principles...

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    Real estate for real life

    At Morro, we are focused on providing real estate for real living. We want you to feel respected and like you're getting something valuable for your rent. We understand what this means and that things change for us, we must be reactive, move in, move out, or move on. Our flexible contracts mean you don't have to sign your life away.

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    We are at home at your service

    Feel truly at home in our meticulously designed spaces, with amenities that balance desk time and downtime. We tailor every detail to make everyday life more seamless. Whether it’s a quiet corner or just a power outlet, we leave no square inch unconsidered.

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    Your place, your choice

    While humans are social creatures, we all need alone time. Morro offers a wide range of communal amenities and regularly hosts events. You are more than welcome to opt in or opt out – do as much or as little as you wish. Join your neighbours at a drinks evening or play pool when you feel social. Enjoy downtime in your space when you don’t.

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    Life is for living, not for admin

    At Morro, we cut you free from stacks of utility bills. And forget chasing the maintenance team. Everything you need for everyday life is already in the building and your monthly rent. All you need to do is decide what to do with your extra headspace. You're welcome!

The Guild - Morro Guildford

The Bon, two bedroom apartment

The Bon, two bedroom apartment

Welcome to the grown-up way to rent. If you're looking for an experience that goes beyond the norm, then welcome to Morro. Our unique approach to real estate means that we focus on creating a space where you can truly live, work, and play.

If you want to find out more about our properties and see them for yourself, then please get in touch to book a viewing. We’d love to show you around and give you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a Morro property.