Top 10 things

to do in Boston

September 2023 ■
Words by Georgie Ashworth

Boston is a city like no other

With hundreds of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With activities ranging from nights out to cultural tours – fill your days with adventures and never get bored. Whether you are new to the city and have just relocated to Boston – or you are a true Bostonian – we hope we can help point you in the direction of some great days out to be had in and around the great city.   

Boston is proudly the educational and medical centre of America

And has a hugely impactful financial success – not to mention the home of the world-famous Boston Red Sox and Boston Marathon. So be you a history buff, a sports nut, a foodie or just looking for a memorable day of fun things to do in Boston, there is no shortage of amazing activities and things to do. We have compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Boston, so you can make the most of the city you call home.

  1. 01

    Walk the Freedom Trail

    The Freedom Trail is a must-see in Boston – no two ways about it! We recommend this as one of the first things you do, it will give you a great context of the city and give you a deeper understanding of the complex and intricate history of Boston. This experience will teach you about Boston’s fight for independence and the birth of America, a trail where every step tells a story.   

    Over 2.5 miles you, your group and your tour guide will visit the most popular historic sites of the city, including Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel & King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston Latin School site/Benjamin Franklin statue, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre site, and Faneuil Hall. Your guide will tell you stories of the American Revolution and the stories of underrepresented peoples from the 16th- 21st Centuries.   

    A review from a recent tour - ‘A great tour! A fantastic local guide who was very engaging – a walking encyclopaedia of Boston history. A great 1.5-hour walking tour, hitting most of the historical sites of interest. For the money, it is hard to beat.’  

    All of this for less than $20 – it is a no-brainer in our opinion! 

  2. 02

    Boston Common

    A no-brainer when the sun is shining and you’ve got some time on your hands to chill and escape the bustle of the city. Plus – fun fact, Boston Common is the oldest park in the USA! The common has large grassy areas – perfect for throwing a ball, playing frisbee, or walking your dog. You can also skate on the frog pond in winter too!   


    Make sure you head up to the North of the Common to see the golden dome of the State House. This is our favorite spot in Boston to people-watch! Plus – this one is free, great for days when you need to watch your wallet!

  3. MFA

    The Museum of Fine Arts

    As the 20th largest museum IN THE WORLD... you can imagine you are in for a treat when you visit! Get your trainers on and be prepared for a culturally fuelled day out in Boston. With over 500,000 articles – this is one of the most comprehensive collections in the Americas.   


    The MFA prides itself on being open. Open to the city, open to ideas, open to infinite possibilities inspired by art. Immerse yourself in their renowned collections that tell a multifaceted story of the human experience. Surround yourself with world-famous works by Monet, Van Gough, Rembrandt, and more.

    Book your tickets to visit.

  4. 04

    See the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

    Open 7 days a week – perfect for a Sunday morning explore. This is a floating museum with live reenactments that you won’t want to miss.   


    Visit to see full-scale replicas of 18th-century sailing vessels and historic artifacts. Travel through time from the rebellious Boston of 1773 and meet Samuel Adams, learn about the history of the Tea Party ships and the destruction of the tea. Enjoy the reenactment and view the Robinson Tea Chest – the only known surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party of 1773.   


    Plus, make sure to visit the café for – you guessed it – a delicious cup of tea!  Take a look and book your tickets.

  5. 05

    Visit Fenway Park

    After all – Fenway Park is literally our neighbor at The Bon!   


    Fenway Park is home (and has been since 1912) to the legendary Red Sox baseball team. The World Series has been hosted here 11 times – with the Red Sox emerging victorious for six of them. As well as baseball fixtures, Fenway Park also hosts professional football games and music concerts.   


    Legends who have graced Fenway Park with their presence including Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Jay Z the Foo Fighters, and many others.   


    Experience the true Boston and catch a Red Sox game, or take a tour. Remember students get a discount on tickets!   

  6. 06

    Take a duck tour

    No, we are not quackers – this is a unique tour taking you sightseeing aquatic and on land around the city, giving you a unique perspective on the city's most famous sights. Hop on and make a splash – traverse both land and water which will deliver breathtaking views of the city, all in one tour. Cruise by amazing neighborhoods and historical landmarks that make Boston the birthplace of freedom and a city of firsts. Float down the Charles River and soak in the atmosphere. The tour is also available in 9 languages!   


    A day trip on the duck tour is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – plus – think of the cool pictures the day will provide!   Book your spot.

  7. Chowder

    Enjoy a clam chowder

    Boston is synonymous with clam chowder for some. There are numerous places around the city to test this classic dish. This dish combines clams, potatoes, and bacon – all enriched with a beautiful rich cream sauce. We mean COME ON! What is not to love?   


    After some extensive (read delicious) research we found the best joints to enjoy a bowl of the good stuff in Boston for you -   


    The Warren Tavern – there is nothing stale about this allegedly oldest tavern in the state – make sure you get the chowder here!

    Neptune Oyster – Sure you’ll queue for it, but TRUST us. The chowder, oysters, and lobster rolls are worth the wait.


    Head to Ned Devine’s for the award-winning chowder.   


    Bon Appetit! 

  8. 08

    Shop at Faneuil Hall

    Faneuil Hall - The historic marketplace famed for its street performances, souvenir shops, and restaurants – it is a real hub of the city.   


    A place that has it all, shop till you drop, with loads of local vendors and chain stores too. Quincy Market is a foodies paradise and showcases the best of Boston on a plate.   


    Make sure to check out what is going on as the Hall often hosts tours and special events such as tours, rooftop yoga, and a dino safari!   

  9. England Aquarium

    Visit New England Aquarium

    This makes a fantastic day out in Boston. The aquarium is a nonprofit research and conservation organization that exhibits species such as fur seals, Californian sea lions, sharks, African penguins, and giant octopuses among many more species of salt and freshwater aquatic life.   


    Keep an eye out for events at the aquarium too – they often host special talks and events – such as beer and live music nights, talks on specific species, and other environmental topics. Book your tickets!

  10. 10

    Enjoy a night out!

    Let your hair down and let rip. From some world-famous bars and clubs to choose from, you’ll have a great night out in Boston.   


    Visit an Irish pub – The Banshee is an institution. A lively sports bar is guaranteed to be showing the game and obviously, Guinness is on tap.


    Drag nights out – try out drag bingo for a fun, over-the-top evening. It is free to participate as well – so get your game on and get stuck in at Club Café.


    Best for live music – Wallys café. With ambiance in abundance, Wallys is the one for you. With cozy tables in a small bar full of locals while experiencing various styles of music – come together to celebrate music, from Latin Jazz nights to student bands to classical – you never know what you’ll hear at Wally's.  


Red Sox

Red Sox


Bursting with cool things to do, Boston is a fantastic place to live or visit.

It is a city full of history, culture, food, green spaces, landmarks and museums. We hope this guide to Boston has given you a taste of this and has inspired your to-do lists! See ya around town!